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Planning Ahead for Next Year’s Events

It’s that time of year when Christmas takes over your thoughts and feelings and the excitement of a glittering New Year’s celebration has you quivering with anticipation. However, don’t let the end of the year take your complete focus. Now is the perfect time to start planning your events for next year; getting venues sorted,… Read more »

The Importance of Wedding Photography

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and therefore, it almost goes without saying that you will want to remember every moment! However, with so much going on and so much emotion, it can be hard to recall all the details as time goes by. If you have… Read more »

How Will You See in the New Year?

With summer now over, we’ve found ourselves settling comfortably into the season of autumn, surrounded by beautiful colours as the leaves change from lush green to deep shades of red, brown and orange. You may be excitedly looking forward to Christmas and the festive season, taking part in your work’s Christmas party and the jubilant… Read more »

How to Successfully Market Your Event

Organising an event, whether personal or business, can be a stressful occasion. There is plenty that needs to be considered, from conference room hire in or around Nottingham to catering with considerations for dietary requirements and confirming a good attendance. Marketing your event efficiently is important to ensure that all your planning and organisation doesn’t… Read more »

The Ivory Suite – Nottinghamshire’s Premier Wedding Venue

Here at Goosedale, we are proud of all of the rooms that we have on offer for our guests. However, one that we are especially proud of is the Ivory Suite, seating up to 550 guests with the possibility of an additional 750. Ideal for large weddings and events, the Ivory Suite is the beating heart… Read more »

Are You Looking for the Perfect Event Venue?

Are you looking for a venue that is every bit as awe-inspiring as your event? If so, then look no further than Goosedale, one of the premier venues for event hire in Nottingham. With 100 acres of picturesque grounds, multiple suites and more than 300 onsite parking spaces, you will find everything you could possibly need.

Frequently Asked Questions at Goosedale

Are you planning your wedding or looking to book a conference room in Nottingham? We would be thrilled to accommodate you here at Goosedale! To help you make your choice, we’ve put together some of our most frequently asked questions for those planning an event or looking for the perfect event venue…

Organising the Perfect Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a season of change, most clearly portrayed by its characteristic displays of gorgeous colours – reds, oranges and golds. However, this change can lend itself perfectly to the significance of getting married and tying the knot – possibly one of the biggest changes you will experience in your life! As couples look to escape the… Read more »

Why Choose Goosedale for Your Corporate Event

Trying to organise a corporate event and need to book conference rooms in Nottingham? Then you have come to the right place. Goosedale is a gorgeous, versatile events venue located just 15 minutes from Nottingham’s bustling city centre. Surrounded by spectacular views and serviced by an attentive staff, you can be sure that your event… Read more »

Keeping Conferences Fresh and Delegates Engaged


Conferences don’t usually get business people excited – there’s no eagerly counting down the days until the next one! But what if you could get people excited to attend? It would make events a lot easier to organise and would be more enjoyable for everyone involved. Choosing a good venue is a strong starting point;… Read more »