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Top Tips to Host a Memorable Party


So, you’re throwing a party and you want it to be one that your guests are talking about for a long time. What you are going to need is good preparation and a bit of creativity and imagination to plan something unique that isn’t just like every other party.

Here are some top tips for throwing the ultimate party!


Venue hire has a very big part to play and you will probably be influenced mostly by your budget and location. However, if you put a lot of research into this choice then you could come up with something really different and completely unique. Perhaps your local is the usual choice, but have you explored hotels and restaurants with dedicated function rooms, such as our own facilities here at Goosedale?


A good party has to have good music! There is a big difference between a good DJ and a bad DJ; one will have your party guests up on the dance floor having the time of their lives, whereas the other will play songs that don’t suit your musical tastes and will leave the party feeling flat. Similarly, not everybody goes to a party to dance, so if the music is so loud that people are struggling to talk then they won’t enjoy themselves and will probably leave early. A good DJ will be able to read the crowd and let people settle in and mingle early on before really getting the party started later on!


If you want to put on a spread, make sure people know that you are putting food on and roughly what time it will be getting served. Otherwise, people will eat before they arrive and you will have over-ordered on the catering or people will leave early if they are too hungry if you have under-ordered. A light buffet is usually the best option for parties, but the choice is ultimately yours.


To really make your party stand out from the rest, pick a quirky theme. For instance, maybe you fancy an 80s theme, in which case you could give out glow sticks, fluorescent accessories, photo props etc. No matter what theme you choose, make sure to let your guests know before they arrive!