February 25, 2019

All corporate events rely on a number of different factors to be successful – including planning, preparation, location and more. One of the fundamental pillars of successful event management has always been picking out an effective venue and with this in mind, our team of experienced event organisers thought it would be best to highlight the essential points to consider when searching for your dream corporate event venue.

It’s important to note that the first step towards any successful event is an understanding of what your occasion will entail and in turn, what you will need for it to achieve success. Before you decide upon a corporate event venue for your next meeting or conference, ensure that you have clearly outlined exactly what you need from the venue’s management team, as this is the best way to receive exceptional service.

A Suitable Setting

The first essential venue feature to keep in mind is the setting. Depending on the purpose and goals of your corporate event, you will want different things from your venue’s setting but as a general rule, locations that are based around natural beauty and peacefulness are excellent at promoting progressive conversation and serious business discussion. On the flip side, extremely crowded locations can hinder the growth and development of event participants by distracting them from the purpose of the occasion.

Similarly, the décor of the venue can also have a big impact on how attendees benefit from your corporate event, as well as how memorable the occasion is. In general, beautiful or interesting scenery is much more likely to grab the attention of those taking part in your event and in turn, solidifying what they learn or discover there.

Always keep location, setting and environment in mind when picking out the perfect corporate venue, as they can have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of your event.

Equipment and Facilities

Moving away from the location, it’s also important to keep in mind the amenities and equipment that you will need to run your event. Many corporate event venues will gladly support you in any way they can, with many offering specialised apparatus upon request, too. For example, here at Goosedale, we can supply audio-visual equipment and WiFi access for free. The most important point to keep in mind here is that you need to think about these requirements before you arrive and highlight your needs to the venue that you select in advance to really maximise on the facilities they have available.

Furthermore, alongside the specialist equipment that your event requires, it’s essential that your venue has impressive facilities which can fully cater for your needs. The best way to approach this is to consider your number of attendees and the type of activities you will be partaking in. Fortunately, a good venue will set a limit to their capacity, keeping both space and facilities available in mind.


As we just mentioned, space is a big part of any successful corporate event. For the most part, the worst thing that can happen is being cooped up in a room too small for the event, where attendees feel too crowded or uncomfortable to focus on the goal of the occasion. This can be particularly disruptive if you don’t have enough seats for attendees during seminars and conferences.

To avoid this issue, estimate the number of attendees and select a venue that can host slightly more than your projected attendance. Similarly, always ask your venue to set up a dozen more chairs than you are expecting to be filled to account for any unpredictable variables.

If you’re ever in doubt of the appropriateness of a venue from a size or space perspective, always get in touch with them and confirm their suitability with the management of the building.


Finally, if you intend to feed your attendees then you should always look into the catering amenities and offerings of your potential corporate event venue. Most venues, including us here at Goosedale, will be adaptable in their approach to catering – offering different options from banquet-style meals to a buffet selection.

Above all else, focus on ensuring that the venue can cater for all of your attendees and account for any dietary requirements that those visiting your occasion may have. Most venues will have a fixed menu that you can select from, including vegetarian or vegan options. Always try to include a variety of food choices to account for dietary requirements that you did not predict.

Utilising this brief guide, you shouldn’t have a problem picking out a perfect corporate event venue. At Goosedale we have multiple luxurious rooms and venues, whilst specialising in a bespoke service that adapts to your needs and requirements, with an experienced management team who have worked on countless corporate events. Click here to see how we can help you create the perfect occasion.