December 19, 2017

Whether you are hosting a highly anticipated symposium for your industry, an annual pow-wow for your top clients, or a more informal gathering of internal stakeholders, there are a lot of things to consider.

Arguably, one of the more challenging aspects of planning a corporate event or conference is trying to decide between a venue that is welcoming, comfortable and productive, as well as a facility that is suitable for the occasion when it comes to the associated logistics and practicalities.What makes this decision even more challenging is the vast array of conference rooms out there, stretching from Newquay to Nottingham.

But how do you narrow them down? Do you opt for business…or pleasure?

Why not both?!

What corporate events look like in 2018

It is no secret that the landscape is changing when it comes to corporate culture, with lines becoming increasingly blurred between formal and informal, business and pleasure. Of course, this means more flexibility outside of the office, too, especially when it comes to conferences and events.

Gone are the days of tatty old carpet tiles and windowless grey boxes crammed with uncomfortable people. Client meetings, company conferences and social events now call for a bit of imagination, pleasant environments and enjoyable experiences.

Some opt for grand gala dinners and extravagant evening affairs to celebrate successes or thank their teams for their hard work. Others need a well-designed venue for sit down presentations and seminars, which are ideal for a formal unveiling of the latest industry trends or the newest products and developments. More still enjoy a comfortable, even casual, setting that encourages open communication and collaboration away from the hubbub of the daily routine.

This is the beauty of the new corporate landscape, where business and pleasure need not be mutually exclusive.

The Benefits of Combining Business and Pleasure

Business or pleasure; the eternal dichotomy. But why not business and pleasure. Mixing the two may seem counterintuitive to those who like to clearly label and segment “work” and “non-work” events. However, while each has its own merits, the two work best combined.

Introducing some enjoyable elements, like a stunning location and modern facilities, into your next corporate event can be beneficial for several reasons. It can help you to banish the concept of that windowless grey box and improve team morale, by treating them to a great day away from the office. It can help encourage client engagement by ensuring your meetings and events are held in an attractive and relaxed setting.

Ultimately, combining business and pleasure can help make your event memorable enough that it helps you make your mark; whether that is delivering a speech, closing a deal or sharing objectives for the next quarter.

The Best of Both Worlds with our Nottingham Conference Rooms

As well as having the perfect venue for every occasion, we offer a full event management service, so you can enjoy the experience, hassle-free. Our conference rooms in Nottingham offer scope for any event or occasion, no matter its size or level of formality. Set back amidst plenty of greenery and easily accessible on one level, our purpose-built venue offers a welcoming environment that benefits from modern facilities with plenty of personality; the perfect fit for every imaginable purpose.

You can stay small with the intimate setting of our Garden Room which, with its private entrance, ample natural light and stunning views, makes the ideal spot for a relaxed conference or team away day. Alternatively, you can go big with our Ivory Suite; perfect for larger numbers and grander events. Our Conservatory is light and airy, making it a blank canvas of a venue, conducive to creative thinking and brainstorming sessions.

Of course, if you are after something a little different, you could make the most of our feature space; Crystal Hall. This barn conversion was once part of the original Goosedale farm, and it has a clean modern feel, without compromising any of the original features and character.

With all of this and more to offer, we are confident that Goosedale will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. For more information on how we can enhance your experience with our superb selection of conference facilities, get in touch today.