June 7, 2019

Goosedale is the perfect place for event hire in Nottingham every season of the year, whether it’s a spring wedding, a summer roadshow, a winter celebration, an autumn conference, or any other arrangement. Whatever the weather, whomever you are hosting, Goosedale will rise to the occasion.


When the snowdrops bloom and blossom blankets the trees, thoughts of romance and nuptials are as natural as a lark’s song at sunrise. Goosedale is Nottingham’s premium wedding venue, featuring over 100 acres of breath-taking natural views, a fantastic backdrop for exactly the kind of celebrations and jubilations that you would expect when embarking on an adventure as wonderous as marriage.

Goosedale takes great pride in our precision and bespoke understanding of each and every couple’s preferences and requirements. Whether it is the opulent detailing of the Ivory Suite, the intimate atmosphere and personable elegance of the Crystal Hall, or the natural ambience and beautiful features of the Garden Room, all our spaces have both the essential elements and those extra touches that turn a great day into a magnificent occasion.

Our chefs can provide you with a spectacular selection of appetisers, mains, and desserts, with only the finest and freshest possible ingredients. Thanks to our climate controls that range from air conditioning to underfloor heating, depending on the location you choose, your celebration with us will be a special and spectacular day to remember – whatever the weather!

Summer Fun

Summer is often considered to be a time to show off, and here at Goosedale, we are perfectly placed to make sure that your event is a resounding success. With the capacity to handle up to 1,000 guests at a time, our comprehensive catering arrangement and a powerful PA system, it’s easy to understand why Goosedale is Nottingham’s premier destination for expos, trade events, road shows, and any number of other display and exhibition occasions.

With its charming outdoor terraces, the Ivory Suite could be the perfect place to fit in booth after booth to give your clients the prime time to shine. If you have a smaller event in mind but would still like to welcome natural light into your event, the Crystal Hall features floor to ceiling glass windows that turn the room into an illuminated palace.

If you need further equipment, video projectors, marquees, extra parking, red carpet arrival, or free Wi-Fi for all your guests, simply talk to our highly experienced staff. We will make sure that we can find a way to accommodate all your requirements with the speed and efficiency that you would expect from Nottingham’s premier event location.

Autumn Occasions

When the weather begins to get colder once again, Goosedale’s meeting facilities more than meet the challenge of the corporate event season. Since frost has not fully gripped the land just yet, though, and outdoor options may still be on your mind, Goosedale can provide heated marquees so that your guests are not hampered by falling leaves and the rising wind chill.

Whether you want to hold an inter-industry planning session in the Conservatory, our granite-floored, many-windowed corporate meeting space, focus on future plans in the Lotus lounge, or resolve some outstanding queries while reclining in the friendly ambience of the Garden Room’s bar, Goosedale will always find a way to help your attendees get things done.

Winter Wonders

When the evenings close in around us and the wind chill reaches the stage where it’s time to shut the doors, Goosedale maintains a warm, comfortable environment – exactly the kind of conditions that make Christmas at Goosedale a magical time of year.

Our decorations are wonderful channels for the Christmas spirit, our chefs can provide mouth-watering festive feasts, and our resident DJ and Disco team will turn your Christmas party into a captivating blur of moving feet.

Whatever you have to celebrate, whatever kind of event you are planning, whenever you plan to host it, and however you want to manage it, Goosedale will make it happen. Do you need to fit a Formula 1 racing car into the dining room? Do you want to parade artillery pieces across our fields? Can you see your evening’s closing act involving some kind of tribute to Cirque du Soleil? Whatever you want, however you want it, just ask us and find out how Goosedale can make it happen.