June 5, 2018

Weddings have traditionally been indoor events, held in grandiose churches and historic manors steeped in history. However, if you’re planning to host an outdoor summer wedding, we have got some advice to help your big day go off without a hitch. Whether you choose to marry in a tent or beneath a covered canopy, we want your special day to be perfect. If you’re looking to host a beautiful Scandinavian style event, look no further than Goosedale to be the location for your tipi wedding in Nottingham.

Venue Planning

Sadly, there are few places in the UK that hold the sufficient licence to perform outdoor ceremonies and since UK law states that “all legal requirements of a ceremony must be performed in a permanent, immovable structure” it can be difficult to find the best location. At Goosedale, we are proud to offer our Garden Sanctuary, purpose-built against a backdrop of rolling hillside views with a paved patio area and private garden. The Garden Sanctuary is a unique space off our Garden Room, with the capacity to seat 20 to 160 guests.

When planning an outdoor wedding, communication with your venue is key. You should ensure the comfort of your guests with spaces to cool down under the hot sun or warm up on a chilly summer evening, in addition to safe access to bathrooms. Your venue will be able to guide you on the allowances and restrictions for your day, whether you require a temporary structure built to accommodate your wedding party on the grounds or extra time to properly set up and take down after the celebrations are complete.

Services and Amenities

Entertainment and photography are long-standing wedding traditions. Typically, couples will hire a DJ or band to play to their guests during the reception so it’s important to plan for sufficient power to be safely provided to any outdoor space. Natural light is one of the photographer’s best tools and can offer beautiful looking photos, however, make sure to hire a professional with outdoor wedding experience. An experienced professional will be able to work with you and make suggestions based on the weather and available light, avoiding harsh shadows or guests squinting into the sun in your wedding photos.

Wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience and we look forward to working with you to create the perfect day to celebrate your marriage. With the necessities taken care of in terms of venue, services and amenities addressed this leaves you more time to consider your important, personalised touches such as themes, décor and food.

If you would like Goosedale to host your upcoming wedding, please get in touch with us via our online enquiry form to inform us of your requirements.