October 4, 2018

Organising an event, whether personal or business, can be a stressful occasion. There is plenty that needs to be considered, from conference room hire in or around Nottingham to catering with considerations for dietary requirements and confirming a good attendance. Marketing your event efficiently is important to ensure that all your planning and organisation doesn’t go to waste, especially if you are looking to hold a regular event that you are opening for the first time.

Using Social Media

With the advent of social media, presenting your event to a targeted audience has made marketing both cost-effective and easier to manage. Similarly, paid promotion can instantly help display your event advertisement to a greater number of individuals. When compared to placing traditional advertisements, this type of placement is ideal for smaller brands or event hosts who won’t have accrued the substantial marketing budgets of larger, established events such as Comic-Con and the Ideal Home Show.

With the recent increase in the number of hashtags used across social media platforms, you can even create a hashtag around your campaign, posting interest pieces to draw individuals to your event homepage where you can better explain what your event offers and how it can benefit attendees. The more impressions you can gain across social media, the more potential attendees will be made aware of the event, so it’s key to post consistently strong content. This will ensure that you won’t go unnoticed when the same advert continues to pop up on social media feeds.

Starting Early

When organising an event, you want to ensure that potential attendees are given as much time as possible to ensure their schedule is free or can be rearranged to attend your event. Marketing an event only a month before the date doesn’t leave enough time, especially considering how busy most professionals can be. Six months’ notice of an event, particularly a new event, allows people to make note of the date and arrange their schedules around attending. As a result, this increases the likelihood that more of your target audience will be able to attend.

Event Marketing

If your event is beneficial to a certain industry, you may want to take your business to conferences and exhibitions where industry professionals will be in attendance. This way, you can talk to your audience and gain an insight into the type of event they would be interested in attending and see if there is anything you can offer differently. For example, a blogging group interested in starting a small blogging event for local individuals may want to attend a larger blogging or writer’s convention and research information on what works well for attendees, asking what initially drew them to the event.

Invest in Retargeted Adverts

Retargeted adverts act as a gentle nudge for individuals who have previously visited your event page but didn’t commit to purchasing event tickets. Retargeted ads ensure that adverts for your event are specifically shown to these individuals – a method which has been hugely successful in the past, especially with the likes of Amazon, who use retargeted adverts when individuals haven’t finished purchasing the items they have put in their basket. Retargeting adverts have shown to be hugely beneficial for encouraging customers to return to the website and finish checking out or purchasing tickets for events and isn’t as intrusive as you may think. 59% of individuals surveyed reacted neutrally to retargeted ads, 30% reacted positively and only 11% reacted negatively in response to retargeted adverts.

Whether you are organising an event for the first time or the fiftieth time, without sufficient marketing, your event can quickly turn from exciting to exhausting so it’s worth spending time researching the best methods of reaching your target audience.

If you are still in the initial planning stages, why not consider our conference rooms in Nottingham? With expertly trained, friendly staff, we will ensure that you are taken care of from start to finish and can offer extras from catering to entertainment.

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