October 14, 2020

Goosedale, as a leading wedding venue in the UK, are thrilled to announce that we have recently hosted our first few COVID-aware wedding events and celebrations. The events were certainly a different kind of wedding affair, meeting safe social distancing requirements. None-the-less, these days were exceptionally special and celebrated love and the joining of two families.

We have gone above and beyond ensuring our staff are kept up-to-date on the latest government regulations and that our venue is friendly to events while meeting COVID guidelines. If you want to give our team a call to discuss the possibilities for your wedding day or reception, please reach out on 0115 9635 433 or via our contact page.

If you want to check how we are keeping to the guidelines and ensuring safeguarding for your guests, you can read on below.

Socially Distanced Seating

Our wedding venue rooms are grand, beautiful and provide plenty of space for social distancing. We can ensure your seating is grouped per given ‘social bubbles’ and that chairs have plenty of space between each row to ensure peace of mind for your attending family and loved ones. Each of our rooms is well stocked with hand sanitiser, ensuring your guests can keep their hands sanitised throughout the day without worrying about missing any of the action.

Well Ventilated Rooms

Our rooms provide access to our gorgeous garden area via double doors and accessible windows, ensuring there is plenty of airflow and ventilation on your special day. We have carefully assessed our rooms so they provide a comfortable climate with good ventilation to support the wedding and its formalities as much as possible.

Stunning Outdoor Spaces

We are one of the only venues in Nottinghamshire that can offer ceremonies and civil partnerships in our beautifully-maintained outdoor area. Our garden room and accompanying external area offers a stunning backdrop overlooking the scenic Derbyshire Dales. Also a part of our outdoor area and providing the perfect location for a wedding photo shoot is the exquisite pergola and water fountains.

Seated Table Service

To help reduce potential germ spread between tables and separate social bubbles, we offer table service to your guests for food and drink. Our team are on hand to ensure your guests never have to worry about an empty glass and will ensure their ongoing comfort and enjoyment during your special day and reception celebration.

Ideas for You

Socially distanced weddings are going to be the norm for a while and regulations are always being updated with the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO). We understand that when you are used to a certain normal, trying to adjust to a new way of life can be difficult. When the thought of masks, gloves and sanitising stations is adding to the stress of your special day, consider these ways to take ownership over the new normal type of wedding day.

Provide Colour-Coordinated Gloves and Masks

You’ve probably carefully considered which colours would be best for your special day, including the appearance of the wedding party and the colour of the accompanying blooms and table decorations. Ensuring guests stick to a colour scheme is often out of your control but by providing gloves and/or masks for your guests to wear on the day, you can have the preferred colour tones front and centre. To ensure all masks are only used by a single guest throughout the night, provide masks and/or gloves in a small organza or fabric bag on the guest’s chair prior to arrival.

Flexible Catering

Buffets are usually a key part of a wedding party but the risk of cross-contamination is much higher when people are moving around. At Goosedale, we have a variety of flexible catering to accommodate health and safety while the coronavirus restrictions are in place. These can range from a pre-arranged buffet selection in a customer individual pack, hog roast and vegetarian options with salad delivered by plate to each customer. Or you could opt for a barbecue, prepared and cooked outside (weather permitting) and arrangements made for guest to collect the food from a collection point table by table.

Get Creative With Your Signage

Often a wedding will have a sign or two dotted around the venue, whether this points to the closest toilets, provides information on seating arrangements or acts as a rough schedule for the day. With COVID regulations, signs are recommended for reminding guests about keeping to safe distances, washing hands regularly and avoiding contact where possible. Get creative with your signage, ensuring it matches the wedding decor and colours and if you have the time; invest in a good copywriter to ensure your signs have a bit of humour behind them and are unique to your day.

Your Wedding at Goosedale

The world is a different place and will be for the next few years but that shouldn’t stop us having fun and getting on with our lives. If you have been looking for the perfect Nottingham Wedding Venue or a COVID-safe Wedding Venue in Nottinghamshire, Goosedale is the perfect place for you. Ideally located for easy travel from the rest of England and the UK, and a stone’s throw away from Nottingham City Centre.

If you’d like further information on safe Weddings or Receptions at Goosedale or would like to talk to our team about booking for the future, please get in touch with us today on 0115 9635 433 or via our contact page.